Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gratitude Journal - Day 5

Today I am grateful for the view from my third-floor dorm room windows.
The snow is finally gone and the canvas is bare, waiting for spring to come. 

For three years I've had this view ~ of the quad, the faculty offices, the classrooms, and the chapel.
For three years I've watched the trees grow and shed their leaves....and been distracted from my studies by birds alighting on their branches, classmates strolling beneath them as they head off to class, and squirrels dashing up and down their trunks, getting fatter as the days grow shorter.

From this vantage point I've watched the snow plows do endless laps in the winter....listened to the music and the laughter emanating from campus barbecues and Community Day games....marveled at the beauty of the chapel lit up at night for special events.....and looked forward to the day in spring when the Adirondack chairs appear on the quad....and mourned the day in late October when they're taken away.

I'm going to miss this view.
Soon I will pack up my room and leave these windows behind. 
But at least I get to see spring come, one more time.

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