Wednesday, March 12, 2008


You Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy fans out there may remember that the Answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life, the Universe and Everything is "42."
A number produced using the hypercomputer, Deep Thought, after a very long computation time (7.5 million years).

Well today I have reached that magic number.
So in the coming year I hope to obtain the knowledge, the wisdom, and the solutions to all of life's conundrums that have up until this point eluded me...

What is the meaning of life?
Does God exist?
Why is there suffering in the world?
Is the addition of Johan Santana enough to give the NY Mets a World Series win this year?

and...What the hell was Elliot Spitzer thinking?

I will keep you posted as the kernels of wisdom begin to force their way to the surface in this my 42nd year.
I suggest you check back frequently as this blog evolves into the oracle of knowledge that it is destined to become...
(of course, with a plethora of kitty pictures, cute kid videos, and blasphemous cartoons thrown in to keep the mood light...and because I just can't help myself...)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well, it has now been THREE MONTHS since I mailed off my application to the NYC seminary so I went ahead and contacted the admissions office today to see why I haven't heard anything as of yet and they said it will be another two weeks before the acceptance letters go out...maybe....they're not making any promises....everyone in admissions is on spring break right now so they can't confirm back next week.


Unfortunately I have to let the Boston seminary know ASAP whether I'll be accepting the admission/scholarship that I deferred from last year.
They gave me an April 2008 deadline, with no specific date, but I'd like to let them know as early as possible. Should I decide not to go it will free up the scholarship for another student who's probably home biting their nails right now just like I am.

Two weeks.
Excuse me while I go watch paint dry...

"Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save."
Will Rogers