Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gratitude Journal - Day 4

Today I am grateful for my birthday gift from Stephanie - an Amazon Kindle.
Now maybe our house will stop groaning under the weight of 11 bookcases FULL of books (with many others scattered on the floor and by the bedside....and don't even get me started on how many I have in my dorm room at school).

My first e-book purchase: Barbara Brown Taylor's Gospel Medicine:

"On the one hand, the gospel is just a bunch of words: "Weep no more," "Do not be afraid," "Your sins are forgiven," "Stand up and walk."  They are just words and prescribing them to an ailing world seems as futile as putting a bandage on a broken bone or an aspirin in the hand of someone who is dying. But when we proclaim these words as gospel, we say more: we say that they are words that belong to someone, and that every time we speak them someone is present, speaking them with us, so that we never speak them alone, and they never come back empty. They effect what they proclaim: they dry tears, they quench fears, they forgive sins, they heal souls, they make true the good news of God in Christ every time we speak them."


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