Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gratitude Journal - Day 11

Pennsylvania Day 2.
Today I am grateful for a day to indulge my seminarian geekiness.
To move from a community breakfast of eggs and oatmeal to morning worship where we emphatically waved our hands in the air to "Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory, Glory!"
To attending a workshop on filling out a ministerial profile and plenaries on surviving our first call and understanding the UCC pension plan (and to manage to stay awake during the latter).
After eating way too much food at lunch, I attended a workshop that discussed the five different spiritual/theological types that members of our congregations tend to be - and discovered that I have a split spiritual personality.
I fall evenly into both category A and B - I am an Optimistic Mystic who seeks to merge with the transcendent God and who prefers "other worldly" types of worship (smells and bells) while at the same time keeping one foot planted firmly in this world in the belief that we have the power to make it a better place.
This is what happens when the UCC invites former Catholics into their ranks.
You get more candles in worship, but you also get another set of hands to help out at the soup kitchen.
And for that I am grateful.

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Kathy said...

Love the title "Optimist Mystic" appropriate and I relate! It was my score too! I believe there is a place for the smells and bells in the UCC!