Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gratitude Journal - Day 16

Today I am grateful that for having this space in which to express myself...and for finding release in the written word.
I am grateful that through circumstance, choice, and the luck of the genetic draw I have managed to avoid the more harmful forms of release that have come to vex so many - that is overindulgence in drink, drugs, cigarettes, food, gambling, shopping, sex, and the many other ways that we as human beings have found to numb ourselves to the pains of living.

I am no better than anyone else because I lack these vices.
And those who suffer these vices are no less (im)perfect then those of us who don't.
I am simply grateful that at very young age I developed an addiction to the written word, and that I was too much of an introverted nerd to be exposed to much of anything else.

I'm also grateful that the only negative effect of my verbosity is that I tend to write 4,000 words when my professors require only 500.
But who's counting?

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