Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gratitude Journal - Day 21

Today I am grateful that I am off from school and home all week for spring break.
With no classes to attend I finally have time to kick back and do the following:

  • Read 3 books on Buddhism and write a paper for next Monday
  • Read a novel for my Pastoral Care with Addictions class
  • Get started on my Biblical Ecology paper
  • Go to an AA meeting as an observer for my Addictions class and write a reflection paper
  • Drive to Shelton CT today and get a TB test for CPE
  • Drive back to Shelton on Thursday to get the TB test read (and return next week to do it all over again)
  • Prepare the final draft of my Ordination Paper for the Committee on Ministry
  • Keep working on my Ministerial Profile (and wait to find out when I can start circulating it to find a job)
  • Pick up Stephanie's dry cleaning
  • Buy a new vacuum because our Dyson gave up the ghost
  • Use said vacuum to finally clean the house
  • Drive back to Boston on Friday for a UCC Mass. Conference Search and Call event
  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Play with the cat

Ahhhh....Spring Break.....don't you just love getting time off?!

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