Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gratitude Journal - Day 12

Pennsylvania Day 3....and back to Boston.
Tonight I am grateful to be back at school after a fulfilling weekend away....but I am most grateful for the shift in perspective that this weekend has brought. 

I left school on Friday weighed down by thoughts of midterm papers, class reading that needs to get done, my upcoming chaplaincy internship, and a heap of non-school related worries and sorrows. 
And I returned home today uplifted by thoughts of writing my ministerial profile, entering the search and call process, and giving serious consideration to what kind of church I might be called to lead.....and where.

It may seem as if I'm getting ahead of myself...again. 
I still have 61 days until graduation and a whole summer to get through. 
But this weekend, for the first time, I felt like the preparatory phase of this journey is nearing an end, and soon this 'ministry' thing that I've been playing at will become a reality. 
It's time to start taking those final steps. 
And God willing, those steps will lead to a call. 

And when I think about that call, all the other stuff....the stuff that has been weighing me down....just melts away. 

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