Wednesday, March 14, 2007

WWW for Eileen

This week's Wednesday Words of Wisdom goes out to fellow blogger Eileen who is discerning a call to the Episcopal priesthood. She's been getting the Godly nudge for some time now and she's finally screwed up the courage to talk to her rector and "out" herself as one who may be called. Her husband is less than thrilled about this path that she is inching towards, and she's struggling with the same schizophrenic "you're called/you're crazy" inner voice that plagues many of us on this road.

So, keep her in your prayers and ponder these words on calling as you do:

"Recently an evangelist told a group of which I was part that if we are not uncomfortable we do not have a call. A call hurts, he said. I don't believe that this is how we are called. I think God gifts us, prepares us to bless others, loves us into reaching out in our own particular ways, and once we know it and experience the freedom and joy of it, we will be willing to endure almost anything to be in that place."

- Mary Albing: Called Into Ministry: To Be a Good and Faithful Pastor

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Eileen said...


Thank you.

It means a lot to me.

Today I'm wavering between feeling peaceful and way freaked out at what I have admitted.

This helps to calm down the freakies.

I am repeating: it is God's will not my own, and God knows what is best. I'm just the vessel. All shall be well.