Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Fun from Australia

This week's Friday Fun video is a clip from Australia's answer to the Daily Show (and to give credit where credit is due: I stole it from MadPriest who in turn stole it from Episcopalooza.)

In the clip Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen is cornered by a bible quoting CNNNN correspondent and a jolly time is had by all! It just goes to show you, as an Archbishop you don't actually have to know every passage in the Bible to claim that the entire book is the inerrant word of God. You just have to know the bits that you can use to keep all the icky people out of your club.
Enjoy! :-)


rajm said...

The video appears to have gone walkies from YouTube (abc wanted it back - I wonder why), there a transcript at here

Charlot said...

Great work.