Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Fun Ride

In keeping with this week's theme of "jumping hurdles" and overcoming obstacles, this week's Friday Fun clip is a mountain bike video that's all about perseverance.
I did my fair share of trail riding back in the day….yup, rode with the best of 'em…..
who am I kidding, I was strictly a road weenie, I could hang with the guys on the flats but put a couple of obstacles in the way and they'd leave me in the dust. I had an unusual attachment to keeping my front teeth, so enduring the necessary face plants to get this good at clamoring over stuff was not on my "must do" agenda (yet somehow continuously crashing on my road bike at 35 mph was ok with me…go figure).

So this one goes out to Eileen, Feminary, Cheesehead, and all my sisters in blogland and in real life who are overcoming obstacles big and small to get where it is they need to go.


johnieb said...

Whoa! Over here from MadPriest, UCC Lesbian Seminarian Person. I had a privilege of call from the CT Conference in the Eighties and live in Hartford.

Eileen said...

I can't tell you how bad I needed to see that tonight. Thanks Mo!

I'll keep trying. Even though, I'll now need to try with a tissue!

Kevin said...

Hey guys, my name is Kevin, I'm the guy who made/rode in that video. I'm from Ottawa Canada, and I'm flattered that you incorporated it into your article! thanks. lol

Neat site by the way.

MoCat said...

Thanks Kevin!
This is a very inspirational video which is why I chose it (after combing through a ton of MTB videos on You Tube!). Your choice of song was perfect and I love how you switched from B/W to color as your skills on the bike began to take shape. You did an awesome job - thanks for posting it!