Friday, March 9, 2007

A little Friday Fun...Caruso Style

CSI and CSI:NY are two of my favorite shows on the air right now.
CSI:Miami has the highest ratings of the forensic trio but when it comes to writing, acting, and story-lines it pales in comparison to the other two.

So why do I watch it?
Two words: David Caruso....the world's worst/hammiest actor since William Shatner. Caruso has reduced the character of Lieutenant Horatio Caine to a one-dimensional, cartoon super-hero, helpless-child-and-woman rescuing, God-like Judge-Jury-Executioner.
He's so painful to watch it's actually funny.

This week's Friday Fun video is a 7-minute compilation of Horatio's best hands-on-hips, sunglass wearing, cheesy one-liners.
You kind of get the point after 2 minutes but stick with it.
It get's funnier as it goes along and the "Caine as Christ" imagery at the end is priceless. Enjoy! (barf bags are located in the seat back pocket in front of you)

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madmonq said...

Funny you should mention Caruso's hamtasticness.

Good blog. Good sensibilities. Thanks