Monday, March 5, 2007

He's MAD I tell you...MAD!

From New England to Jolly-Old England, I'd like to send a "Holla!" out to MadPriest who gave yours-truly a plug on his blog yesterday.
Mr. Mad is an Anglican priest who has a bird's eye view of the tug-of-war going on between the American Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church. He's witty, intelligent, and spot on with his observations of both the religious and non-religious world. His interests include "Christianity, madness, and satire" (which I'm pretty sure are all the same thing) and his favorite movies are Some Like It Hot, La Cage aux folles, and Diva, which I suspect makes him a friend of Dorothy's (which is a euphemism for "Gay" for those not up on the slang….the lesbian equivalent would be "a friend of Home Depot's").

Mr. Mad noted that I am one of the 534 people who have seen the cycling movie Breaking Away"….in reality, I've seen it 534 times, which makes me the sole viewer on the planet earth. Ergo, I am probably the only person who understands the context of the following photo-shopped pic and to thus think it's hysterical:

G.W. quickly resorted to subterfuge. He reached over, slammed Lance's STI lever so it shifted into the little ring, and he let rip with his recently honed high end speed. Infuriated, Lance popped it into the 53x11 and quickly closed the gap. Out sprinting G.W. wasn't enough for Lance, he wanted to grind that beady eyed, dry drunk's face into the dirt. So out came the pump….


Mystical Seeker said...

Well, I own a VHS copy of "Diva" that I bought in 1984, and I'm not a friend of Dorothy, although some of my friends are friends of Dorothy.

And I've seen "Breaking Away" at least twice, so you have to adjust your count accordingly. And, as I mentioned in my comment in MadPriest's blog, I actually knew someone--a fellow college student at the campus where it was being filmed--who had a bit part in the movie.

Dennis said...

nope, MadPriest is straight - he mentions the Mrs. MadPriest pretty regularly - he is just incredibly committed to a gospel radical inclusion. If only there were more clergy like him out there.