Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gratitude Journal - Day 43

Today I am grateful for the open and productive dialog that has grown out of the situation I described in Monday's gratitude journal (our class field trip to the mosque), and I am grateful for the ways in which this continuing conversation has dovetailed with a discussion on interfaith dialog that took place in my Biblical Ecology class today. 
I'm learning that even those who plan to make religious devotion, practice, and leadership their life's profession hesitate when it comes to asking the necessary questions that lead to understanding. Sometimes we're so anxious to "make nice" and celebrate the commonalities in our differing faith traditions that we neglect to discuss what it is that makes us unique. We're often so afraid of offending others with our questions that we choose to leave them unasked, and make assumptions instead. 

And you know what happens when we make assumptions...
We'll let Felix Unger take this one on:

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