Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fun - Minister of Silly Hats

What should one do if one is young, and famous, and royal, and one wants to stand out in a crowd of other young (and not so young) famous royals? Why, wear a silly hat of course!
Princess Beatrice is becoming rather well known because of her repertoire of silly hats, like this one she wore to a previous wedding:

Of course in a world where Lady Gaga exists there is no such thing as a hat that is too silly for public viewing.

And will all the fuss being made over Princess Beatrice and Lady Gaga, and what constitutes bad taste, ridiculousness, and the ultimate in "look at me" bids for attention, no one seems to get overly worked up about these guys:

Perhaps because these blokes have "earned" the right to wear their silly hats, while Princess Bea and Lady G. are stealing the public's attention without having had to kneel before God and a bunch of other blokes wearing silly hats to receive their honor. 
Just goes to show that "ridiculousness" is relative. 

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