Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Roots Hold Me Close, Wings Set Me Free

It's done!
I mailed my application and entrance essay to the Boston Seminary today. My FAFSA and financial aid forms have been filed, and the school has already received my college transcript and two out of the three required recommendations.
There's nothing more for me to do but sit back and wait.

I've got my fingers crossed that the Boston seminary will grant me financial aid or at least a partial scholarship. My grades are good enough and like many of us treading this path, my financial need is great.
If there's one advantage to being gay and not being able to be legally married, it's that my significant other doesn't show up anywhere on my financial report. The few hundred dollars we have in our joint bank account is all I have to show as proof of our life together. She's been supporting me for over a year so I could finish up school, bless her heart, but as far as the IRS is concerned, she doesn't exist.

She doesn't exist on my seminary application form either.
The form has two boxes to check for "Marital Status": Single or Married.
My SO and I have been together for 7 years, we had a commitment ceremony in a church five years ago, and she's as much a part of my life as any male spouse would be - There's no way that I'm going to check a box marked "Single"…..but we're not legally married so I can't check the "Married" box either. I checked it anyway and wrote "Partnered" above it. My round peg may not fit in their square hole but I did my best to jam it in anyway. ;-)

Bureaucratic blips aside, the important thing is: the seminary application is in!
It's an application that has been nine years in the making.
What was once only a crazy and impossible idea tucked in the recesses of my mind is now very close to becoming reality.

I think I'll bask in the moment before the realization of how much work I have ahead of me sets in…..send your prayers and your good luck charms, I could use 'em!

...and now here it is, your moment of Zen:


Anonymous said...

Sis, you are always in my prayers and I know you'll do well in Seminary (not that I see you often now but it will be weird to not have you so accessible!) I haven't won Lotto or Publisher's Clearing House yet so you'll have to go the financial aid route.

I've been reading a few of your entries when I can grab a second. Thanks for bringing back the SMT memories ---- where I was I when you were mountain climbing-- had I graduated?? and did you ever really tell Mom what you guys did?

Keep posting -- you are an excellent writer with some very deep and heartfelt ideas. I wish I could attend some of your sermons.

BTW I got an 82% on the bible quiz -- not bad considering I don't read it very often. and my valentine hearts matched yours too!! We come from the same mold (almost!)

Dennis said...

good luck!

I am surprised that ANTS didn't have a place to note a partner.

Anyway, prayers and best wishes for you in the application process.

My partner has been a big part of my being a 37year old back in school. I couldn't do it without him. And I know that it is tough to be the partner of an older full time student. Especially when so many people don't really 'see' our relationships.

Good luck to you both.

Carmen said...

Times are changing -- I know all too well that feeling of being invisible as a couple in the church. It's one of the reasons we stopped going. But we're very fortunate to live in a place where same-sex marriage is now an option.

We, too, had our commitment ceremony (but not in our own denomination) 7 years ago. We got legally married 2-1/2 years ago and it made a huge difference to me, knowing that my marriage certificate is just as good as anyone else's out there. Although we were never closeted, it truly brought us out of invisibility. What a difference when the state fully acknowledges your union as totally equal to any other marriage! I pray that day will come for you, too, soon, and for all others like us.

Eileen said...

(((Mo))) Good luck! My eyes, legs, fingers, toes, tongue, etc. are all crossed and I'll keep you in my morning prayers (I pray for seminarians at that time of day - I'm more lively in the morning!)

With the grace of God, may I one day be joining you.