Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hunk-a Hunk-a Burning Love

Ok, so I'm sitting in my chair the other night pulling out my hair over my seminary entrance essay just as I've done every night for the past two weeks (yes, I'm still working on it) when the power cord on my laptop does a shizzle madizzle, literally.
Sparks flew out and it gave up the ghost.
Time of death: 8:25 pm.

After much fretting and searching online for a replacement cord - and using up my precious battery juice in the process - I determined that my immediate options were to order a new power supply from HP for $125, drive to Best Buy the next day and pay $80 for an aftermarket power supply that may or may not work with my computer, or order a $30 "authorized replacement HP power cord" from one of the many computer parts outfits that have set up shop on the internet. I trust the latter about as much as I trust those electronics stores on 42nd St. that have permanent signs in the windows reading "Going Out Of Business - Everything Must Go!"

But funds are tight so I bit the bullet and ordered the $30 cord from the most reputable site of the lot. In the mean time I was without a laptop. But not for long. My SO is the Queen of laptops. She has a huge mega-gaming laptop on which she plays endless hours of World of Warcraft, she has a smaller back-up gaming computer to take on road trips, and a teeny tiny Dell that she uses only for work. I snatched the power cord from her middle computer (also an HP) and happily went about my business.

And then the laptop Gods struck again - My SO's huge mega-gaming computer overheated and decided to shut itself off, again and again and again, right in the middle of one of her mega-gaming World of Warcraft raids. She spent two hours on the phone with tech support (a very polite Indian gentleman) who determined that she needs some kind of magic gel to keep her CPU cool.

While we await the arrival of the magic gel she quite rightly fired up her back-up WOW machine and I was once again without a power cord.
But because my sweetie loves me she let me use her "work only" computer to thrash over my seminary essay in between mindless bouts of web surfing.

So, there we sat, just as we do every night, with one eye on our respective computers and the other on repeats of CSI:Miami.
Hey - we love each other, and it works for us.

So God did His best to take away our computers and give us each a break from our nightly obsessions - What he didn't plan on was our ingenuity - You can take away our toys but we will prevail……We have back-ups.

….and now here it is, your moment of Zen:

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