Sunday, February 4, 2007

Stuper Bowl

It's Super Bowl Sunday and I've spent the day being a slug watching 5-hours of pre-game shows (ok, so I took several naps while I was doing it).
My Pats and Jets got knocked out in the play-offs so I'm rooting for Indy - Peyton Manning has been a bridesmaid for too long, and he doesn't look good in pink taffeta.

Right now its 14-6 Bears in the 1st quarter, it's pouring rain, the ball is squirting out all over the place, and things ain't looking good for Indy.

Here's some moment of Zen mojo for Peyton:

Go Indy!


Sally said...

Love the cute pic- glad you've joined revgals... welcome from a 45 yr old semenarian!

Deb said...

Gotcha BOTH beat as a 51 year old seminarian -- and delighted to help you gang tackle the least-suspecting ones.

Oh, and Polgara and Tiria say, "all good kitties of seminarians get Greenies!"


QuakerPastor said...

Welcome to RGBPs! I gotta meet this cat!

Kievas said...

Great pictures of the cats, and welcome!

Swandive said...

Welcome to the pals - the kittens are - heartbreakingly keeeee-eeewwwwww-tttt. Blessings.