Monday, April 16, 2007

Where's Moses when you need him?

I woke up at 3:45 this morning to a bedroom brightened by flashing lights streaming in through the window. Either we were having a Close Encounter of Third Kind or the incessant rain we'd had all day was causing problems outside. Unfortunately it was the latter that was true (how boring). The brook that runs in front of the school across the street had overflowed its banks turning the road and our parking lot into a white water rafting exhibition.
After waking my SO up so she wouldn't miss out on the fun, I peered out the window and watched three flash-light carrying fireman enter my neighbors house, presumably because she's the one that called them. The firemen then exited the house, strung yellow caution tape across the road and left. That's it. No flares, no signs, no patrol car with flashing lights to warn people coming around a blind curve in the dark that they're about to drive into a raging river. Sure enough, once daylight broke we looked out the window and the tape had been broken. Most likely by a driver who came around the curve and ran right into the caution tape. We've been watching drivers all morning come around the curve, get half way through the flood, and then turn around. That's if they're smart. One guy in a Hummer just blew right through (and was probably surprised to run into the police car closing off the other end of the road).

Naturally, they closed the school as both the entrance and exit cross over the brook so there was no getting in or out. My SO was happy to get a day off, and I'm happy because there's no way I'm getting my car out by 11 am to get to my Spanish class. I wasn't going to attempt it anyway, given the condition of the road when I drove down to school yesterday to speak at an Honor Society induction ceremony. I was hitting lakes of standing water the whole way down, at times the water cascaded over my car entirely forcing me to drive blind for several seconds. It was not fun.

And as if we didn't have enough water outside the house, our living room ceiling has been cascading a river of it's own since yesterday morning. We have towels and buckets down and the plaster is dropping down in clumps. The leak appeared a few weeks ago, and the school's maintenance man looked at it and essentially said "yep, that whole ceiling is going to have to be replaced or it's gonna come down on your head." How reassuring. Presumably we were placed on a list of "Problems to take care when we get around to it" because while roofers have showed up several times to look at the roof, no work has actually been done. The kicker is, we live on the second floor of a three story building, and yet a leaky roof is causing our ceiling to rain down on our heads, literally. Apparently water is running down inside the wall of the apartment above ours and finding that the ceiling above my comfy chair in our living room is a mighty fine place to come to rest.

So me, my chair and my laptop have been evicted to an inconvenient spot in the middle of the room (oh how I fear change!), we're just waiting for the ceiling and our upstairs neighbor to come crashing down on our heads, and we can't go anywhere because every road around us is closed. They just announced that they have Police Dive Teams standing by to perform "rescues" because the pond in front of the Mall has covered the road.

At this point, my SO and I are ready to build an Ark and start gathering the animals.
We already have two cats, so we're off to a good start.

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I'm sure that you've seen this "six weird things" game floating around the blogs that encompass MadPriest's followers. Well, you've now been tagged.

answers, please. here. on your blog.