Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dante's Infernal need to label people

Yay! I'm a heretic!
If you need me I'll just be hanging out on level six with Joan of Arc, Galileo, Martin Luther, Copernicus, and that infamous leader of the rabble rousers...what's his name again?....oh yeah, Jesus.

In Which Circle of Hell Would You Reside?
Your Result: Circle Six

The Heretics: You taught heresy, falsehoods against the truths of God. Your flaming tongue that lead people to their deaths have gotten you a burning tomb in the city of Dis.

Circle Three

Circle Eight

Circle Seven

Circle Nine

Circle Five

Circle Four

Circle Two

In Which Circle of Hell Would You Reside?
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We Do It Too said...

Wow. That was fun. I am in circle 3. I will consume filth since my life is filth! Thanks for your comment on my blog and for providing the fun of yours! Little Mary

Eileen said...

Well...you are in good company. I'm in circle 6, next highest on 7, then 3, I think.