Friday, January 26, 2007

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

OK, I'm ready for my first day of blogging:

No. 2 pencils - check
Mead Trapper Keeper - check
Regulation green knee socks - check
Sigmund the Sea Monster lunch box - check
Let's Roll!

Here I am tip-toeing into twenty-o-seven with my very first blog entry. I've actually been blogging since I was 11-years-old but back then we called it "journaling" (it’s one of those quaint twentieth-century terms like "45 RPM" and "honest politician").

As I write this I am a 40-year-old undergrad beginning my final semester at a Catholic university in southern CT. If all goes as planned I will graduate in May with a BA in Religious Studies and go on to seminary in the Fall, and then in 3-5 years with an M.Div in hand, seek ordination and move into parish ministry in the United Church of Christ. Right now I am mid-point on a journey that began nearly ten years ago, when my lapsed-Catholic butt slid back into a pew for the first time in many years. My plan is to use this blog to document the rest of my journey - To get outside the pages of my journal and outside of my own head and experience the trip in new ways in the midst of community.

Of course all pray and no play makes Mo a dull girl so this blog will also be about other things as well - friends, family, cats, books, TV, movies, current events, science, philosophy, esoteric musings about this and that. It will be serious at times and funny most of the time, because as the old saying goes: Man plans, God laughs.

As my regular readers now number at 2 (me and my significant other) I know I am free to wax poetic on whatever the spirit moves me to say without fear of reprisal, but there will come a time, God willing, when others will find their way here and discover something of use for their own journey, and/or have something of use for mine. I welcome comments, questions, rants and raves, feedback of any kind. (note to self: just because joe in jersey doesn't think you're funny, it doesn't mean you're not...if what you've written makes you laugh out loud then as GW would say, "mission accomplished").

End of intro entry. Let the games begin!

…and now here it is, your moment of Zen:


Hiral Trivedi said...
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Hiral Trivedi said...

The first post is always special, so must this be to you. So here I am to let you know that here is a lot to learn from you. Keep penning.

GOd bless.

Maureen said...

Thank you, Hiral...and hello to you in India! I checked out your blog and you're off to a wonderful start as well. I will visit often.
Namaste and God bless.