Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Passed Inspection!

I received word from my Committee on Church and Ministry that they have voted to accept my Ordination Paper "as submitted" with no revisions needed. I have received permission to circulate my Profile (which means I can now look for a job!) with an Ecclesiastical Council to follow once I complete my chaplaincy internship this summer. 

Fantastic news to receive on the day that I attended my last class in seminary, and had an emotional last chapel service in which all the seniors were honored. We had the chance to share in a Communion of "milk and honey" as a symbol of our completing our wandering in the wilderness, as we stand and look out on the  Promised Land. 

Somewhere out there is a congregation that will be my Promised Land. 
I just need to remember that when they're fighting over hymnals and carpet...and complaining about the length/content of my sermons.
I can't wait! :)

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