Sunday, March 1, 2009

We are purr-fect, just as God created us...

More proof that God has a sense of humor:

I spent 25 minutes picking out a shirt/blouse to wear to my Field Ed interview today...but when I got to church there was no heat in the building because the boiler broke down last night and we all had to keep our coats on for the whole meeting.

A fellow student graciously loaned me her car to drive to the interview...but it wasn't until I pulled into the church parking lot that I noticed the "I'm A Militant Agnostic and Proud Of It!" bumper sticker on the back.

The "other student" that the Field Ed committee said they were meeting with today (and who I thought was competing with me for the position)...turned out to be the CURRENT field ed student who meets with the committee every month.

Somewhere God is chuckling to him/herself and having way to much fun at our expense.

My favorite bumper sticker:

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