Sunday, March 15, 2009

Clean and Clear you're my hero....

Well, so much for my Lenten promise to update this blog everyday!
I want to know, what happened to the last two weeks? Time is just whippin' by!

I only have a month and a half left in the semester and I very stupidly sat down and calculated all that I have left to do in my classes in the that teeny, tiny, minuscule amount of time:

Two 10 page papers for Systematic Theology.
Three 4 page papers, one 10 page paper, and one 60 minute Worship service for my Worship class.
Two 10 minutes sermons, one 5 page paper, and three 1 page preacher reflections for my Preaching class.
Three 2 page papers, one 15 page paper, and a creative Timeline for my Christian History class.
And hundreds of pages of reading for all of the above.

After looking at this list I just have one thing to say:


Well, the one good thing about facing all of this work is the ego boost I received at my birthday dinner the other night. I was dining with three fellow classmates - two 30-year-olds, and one 25-year-old - so I was the old lady in the bunch.
The conversation went something like this:

Beth: Remember when we were in high school?
Kate: Yeah, I was so into the grunge look, I wore flannel shirts everywhere!
Ruth: And the music was so cool...not like the crap they have today.
Me: You guys were lucky, all we had when I was in high school was designer jeans, big hair, and Flash Dance.
Beth: What are talking about? You're OUR age!
Ruth: Yeah, aren't you like 32?
Me: No dears, I'm 43 today!
....long awkward pause....
Beth: like, what kind of moisturizer do you use?

Bless their hearts.

My secret to eternal youth

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