Saturday, December 13, 2008

Isn't Foreigner a rock band from the '70s?

A snippet of a conversation that I had with my mother on the phone last night...

Mom: Are you all finished with school?
Me: Almost, I have one last paper to write for Systematic Theology.
Mom: What do you have to write for that?
Me: Oh nothing much, I just have to explain God and the Trinity in 3000 words or less.
Mom: Well, the Trinity shouldn't take more than 15 words.
Me: (laughing) I think it will take more than that.
Mom: What's to say? The Trinity is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Me: Yes, but not every Christian tradition agrees on what that means...for example I have to explain the differences between the beliefs of the Western Church and the Eastern Church...
Mom: Oh...well, I just know what the Catholics believe. I didn't know you had to write about foreigners...

Moms....gotta love 'em.

OK boys, which one of us is going to be Mick Jones this time?

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