Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A new day has dawned!

Ahhhhhhhh......it's been a good day.
CT voters voted NO on having Constitutional Convention (thwarting the efforts of the anti-gay marriage folks).
A slew of women got elected to the senate, including surprises in New Hampshire and North Carolina (goodbye Elizabeth Dole!).
Oh......and a 47-year-old African American man is our NEW PRESIDENT.
I haven't been this happy after an election in 12 years.

And Kudos to John McCain for his concession speech.
He did a gracious job of waving off the boos and recognizing his opponent for the good man he is, and heralding Obama's accomplishment as worthy of the admiration of all Americans.
McCain actually looked joyfully relieved.
Now he can go back to being the Independent Maverick that he was and stop mouthing the Republican party line. And c'mon....the guy is 72-years-old. I'm sure he'll be happy to sleep in tomorrow and go back to hitting the early bird special at Denny's.

Oh, and the best thing about waking up tomorrow to an Obama presidency?
(at least until some nimrod convinces her to run in 2012)