Friday, July 20, 2007

New from Apple - the iKitty...

Say hello to my friend E’s new addition to the family, a sweet little kitten named Bailey.
It’s obvious from this photo that Bailey is perturbed that her mom has not yet seen the light and is still using an antiquated PC.
Bailey will continue her protest by staging a sit-in (with her kitty butt and paws perpetually pressing down on CTRL-ALT-DELETE) until E. makes her way to the Apple store and comes home with a Mac. Should E. refuse to submit to assimilation….err, I mean “making a well-informed consumer choice made of her own free will” I shall facilitate the process by planting an iPod in her backyard. While E. is asleep the pod will sprout and replace E. with a complete and controllable replica. The replica will then make its way to the Apple store and fulfill its destiny.
Bailey will then have a stunningly beautiful silver Mac keyboard to lounge on that is not only impervious to viruses and spyware, but repels cat hair and dispenses kitty treats with a state of the art wireless remote. Is she going to get THAT from a DELL?? I think not….

"It's amazing, I can fit my entire CD library on this thing, and it's portable!"


SassyFemme said...

Giggling at your post.

Bailey is adorable.

Anonymous said...

E. here....

I'll make a deal with you...I'll consider an Apple for my next personal computer (work is not an option)...IF you can find the 'off button'on the iKitty! Love her...but QUITE a difference from good ol'Murph!

No need to plant anything in my backyard...I have an iPod...but feel free to come by and pull some weeds!

MoCat said...

Silly E....iKitty does not come with an 'off button', you have to let her battery drain all the way down and then send the entire iKitty back to Apple along with $99 and they'll replace the battery for you.
That's how they getcha!

As for the weeding, the iKitty can do that for you...just clip the optional iWeedWacker attachment to the iKitty's tail and let 'er rip!