Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Who do YOU say that I am?"

I am at a standstill.
Well....not really. I led worship this past Sunday, and have another service to plan for next week. I'm co-leading an all-church retreat next week and I'm working on programming for that. I'm pulling together all the materials I need for my upcoming Ecclesiastical Council (references, transcripts, etc). I have my final CPE evaluation/interview this Thursday. And I'm writing my UCC Profile - which is essentially the resume that gets sent out to churches that are looking to hire pastors.
It's that last one that has me at a standstill.

As part of the Profile I have write what is called a "Statement on Ministry" - which describes who I am as a pastor and what I'm looking for in a 1200 words or less.
This is the part of the Profile that churches are told to read first, and when yours is just one in a stack of 100 candidates or more, it had better stand out. It needs to be memorable, needs to grab their attention and scream, "Pick me as your new pastor!"....and it needs to be honest - a true representation of who I am what what kind of church I envision myself leading.
And I don't even know where to start.

I've been here before.
When I was writing my seminary entrance essay.
When I was writing my ministerial statement for my MDiv mid-program review.
When I was writing my CPE application essay.
When I was writing my seminary graduation speech.

It seems like such a daunting be able to put into words what I've learned from my past experiences, how I see myself now as a person and a pastor, and what it is I envision for the future.
And to then tie all of that into what I believe God is calling me to do...and how that might intersect with the calling of a body of people, whom I don't yet know, but who call themselves "church".

I know what I need to do is to write about the church I want to serve, and then toss it out there and hope it lands in the lap of a group of folks who are looking for a pastor like me to serve with them.
And even if they don't quite match the description of my "desired" church, and I don't quite match the description of their "desired" pastor, if we're at least willing to take the steps we both need to take to get there, then that sounds pretty ideal to me.

I just need to figure out where to start.
"Once upon a time...."
"It was a dark, and stormy night..."
"In a galaxy far, far, away...."
"In the beginning, was the Word..."

And then trust the Holy Spirit to do the rest...

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