Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jesus Rode a Roller Coaster - An ode to Cynthia Rylant

The following poetry is inspired by Cynthia Rylant's wonderful book, "God Went To Beauty School" ~ She chose God as her focal point, I chose Jesus. :)



Not one of those new
super-fast coasters
that turns upside down
and does loop-d-loops,
but one of those
old fashioned
wooden coasters
that makes a
“click click click” noise
as it climbs up
into the sky.
Jesus was happy
that he was
tall enough
to ride the coaster.
He sat
in the first car,
in the front seat,
because that’s where
The Son of God
should sit.
But really,
he sat there
so he could
raise his arms up
and pretend
as if he were
It’s a good thing
Jesus doesn’t
wear eyeglasses.
Because he would
have lost them.


He wanted a shiny 10-speed
like the one
he had as a child.
He and his cousin,
John the Baptist,
used to ride
their bikes
to the corner store
and buy candy
after Hebrew school.
The bike store
was confusing.
Apparently 10-speed
bicycles are no
longer made.
So Jesus bought
a mountain bike.
With front shocks
and big knobby tires.
The bike
had 27-speeds.
That’s more
speed than Jesus
knew what to
do with.
So he put a pink
basket on the front,
and he rode to
the corner store
to get some candy.
Root beer Bottle Caps
were his favorite.


Because he likes to keep up
on the latest news,
and he doesn’t know
how to use the internet.
The articles are brief
and he likes to
look at the pictures.
Jesus keeps a stack
of TIME Magazines
in the bathroom.
That’s where he does
most of his reading.
This week’s cover story
is titled, “What if
there’s no Hell?”
A hip, young pastor
named Rob Bell says
“every person who ever lived”
could have a place
in heaven.
“Hell, a place of
eternal torment seems
irreconcilable with a
God of love.”
Jesus liked the fact
that his dad was mentioned
in TIME Magazine.
And he secretly hopes
that one day “Jesus” will be
named as TIME Magazine’s
“Person of the Year.”
But he hates it when
the subscription cards
fall out in his lap.



Because he had heard
how beautiful it is
in Appalachia.
He brought his
banjo in the hope
that he would find
some genuine bluegrass
musicians to jam with.
When Jesus got there
he noticed that some
folks lived in houses
that were falling
down around them.
Jobs were scarce,
unless you were willing
to work in a
coal mine and
inhale black dust
all day long.
And risk having
the ceiling fall in
on your head.
Jesus noticed what
was lacking in
these folk’s eyes.
So Jesus picked up
his banjo and he
began to play.
Some come to help
by building houses
or writing checks.
Jesus helps by
breathing new life
into tired eyes.

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