Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Soliloquy

My, my …there sure are a lot of cobwebs around here…
This is what happens when I leave my blog unattended for so long.

I don’t know why I always feel the need to spew out a list of excuses when I haven’t blogged in a while. A sense of guilt washes over me as if I’m writing a long over due letter to a far away friend who has been checking her mailbox everyday awaiting my reply….
“Oh why doesn’t she write?” she says, with tears flowing down her cheeks, “Why has she forsaken me?”

Ok, enough of that, here are my excuses:

Top Ten Reasons Why Mocat Has Not Blogged in Two Months
(presented in reverse order in homage to David Letterman)

10. Took an online summer class in Christian Ethics – reading/writing/nuff said…
9. Doing pulpit supply over the summer– more reading/writing
8. Spending way too much time on Facebook
7. Organized my SO’s books by genre/author – one week, 4 bookcases, books piled everywhere – a book-geeks dream job!
6. Spent a week in California visiting the mother-in-law and sunning by the pool.
5. Facebook
4. Have spent the entire month of July watching the Tour de France
3. Started walking/running regularly to lose the 10 pounds I gained at school
2. Spend 2 hours every night playing video games on my laptop while watching the NY METS lose….again.

….and the number one reason why I haven’t blogged in two months:

1. Facebook…..and as of last week, Twitter….

Yes, I am easily distracted.
What it comes down to is that between school and doing pulpit supply I spend so much time writing on my computer that the last thing I want to do on my ‘down’ time is to spend time writing on my computer.

Today I’ve had a rare convergence of events that lead me here – it’s a rest day in the Tour de France; I prepared this Sunday’s Worship bulletin last week because the church secretary is on vacation this week; I’m taking today off from sermon writing because I preached yesterday and I need at least a day to recharge my spiritual batteries; my online class is over apart from one more paper that’s not due until late August; the books are organized, though some are neatly stacked on a table because we need to buy another bookcase; and I HAVE to clean the house today because I’ve let it go way too long, so I’m procrastinating by blogging.

hmmmmmmm….yet when I have writing that I HAVE to do I procrastinate by cleaning the house, funny how that works out…

With my summer class over I expect that I will be blogging more often over the next two months before school starts again. Doing pulpit supply seems to open up the more introspective/blogging side of my brain, while writing papers for school seems to shut it down. That may change with me doing Field Ed in the fall. Working in an actual church for 15 hours a week should give me lots to talk about over here!
So, now that I’ve started my house cleaning by knocking out my blog cobwebs it’s time to get moving and tackle the real cobwebs.
The kitty cats better run and hide….me and my Dyson are ready to roll!


eileen the uppity woman said...

Excuse me...but if you are on FB and Twitter, you must add me!!!! ADD ME!!!! (sorry, did that sound desperate???) Laughs

But really, add me:

twitter: episcopalifem
facebook: eileen shand schilling

MoCat said...

Your wish is my command!
I sent you a Twitter request, but I couldn't find you on FaceBook under your name???

eileen the uppity woman said...

YAY!!! Iz so happee nao...