Saturday, January 3, 2009

You can't teach an old coat new tricks...

So, I bought a new winter coat.
The day after I got home for Christmas break I was browsing in Sears and they had a huge sale on Lands End coats, so I bought one.
It's red and puffy and oh so warm.
I've been wearing the same basic black winter coat for 10+ years, so buying a new winter coat - especially a red one - is a big deal for me.

Now that I have two coats I thought I would alternate between the two, but in reality I haven't worn the old coat since I bought the new one.
So it took me all of two seconds to decide to leave the old coat hanging on the back of the dining room chair as I packed up to head back to school this morning.
My winter class is only two weeks long and then I'll be back home for a week, so I can decide then whether I need to have both coats up in Boston.
My SO and I packed up the car, made the 3 hour drive to Boston, and shortly before reaching the Newton exit on the Mass Pike, I reached into my bag to dig out my dorm room keys.
And then I realized that they were in my coat pocket.

No....not in the pocket of my NEW red winter coat.
Why would they be there?
That would make too much sense.
They were in the pocket of my old black winter coat, hanging on the back of a chair 150 miles away from where I needed them to be.

Not a big deal.
I could get a replacement set from my building's res rep.
Unless she was on vacation in California....which she was.
So.........we turned the car around and drove back home to CT, and found the keys exactly where I thought they would be.

The sad part is that I remember zippering the keys safely in my coat pocket rather then in my bag where I usually keep them, thinking 'I may forget my bag, but this coat goes wherever I go.'
Just as it has for the past 10 years.
And then I bought a new coat.

Now I will be driving myself back to Boston tomorrow.
One 5-hour+ round trip per weekend is enough for my SO, and she graciously agreed to walk to work for 2 weeks so I can keep the car.

I get the car AND I have a new red puffy coat?
It must be my lucky day! ;-)

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Cynthia said...

I have a red (hmm...) Land's End parka--I have been trying to make a habit of putting my keys in my purse instead of the little pocket near the zipper.

That's some generous SO of yours.