Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lightning strikes twice....

Id like to give out a shout out to my 15-year-old nephew Andrew who has managed to break both of his ankles in the past 3 weeks.
One was due to normal kid stuff - horsing around with his friends.
But the second was just bizarrely bad luck.

The poor kid managed to get himself upstairs from the basement to the kitchen, crutches and all, but the family dog who was tied up in the kitchen noticed Andrew's bright red cast and managed to leap on top of him, knocking him backwards and causing him to tumble all the way down the stairs.
The result?
He broke his other ankle - and luckily nothing else.

Keep Andrew in your prayers as he is missing the last month of school and is suffering through this 98 degree heat with no mobility whatsoever.
And keep his mom (my sister Mary) in your prayers as she now has a frustrated teenage boy on her hands who can't leave the house and has to be waited on hand and foot.

Here's to fast healing!


Maryann Miller said...

Oh, my gosh. Poor Andrew. And poor Mary. Will definitely keep them in my prayers.

eileen said...

That is just major suckage.

Prayers going up for Andrew and Mary!