Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Perhaps my blood sugar is low...

To the kind folks at Stop & Shop,

Your cereal aisle is lame.
I'm tired of the same old flakes and puffs.
And while I fell for the "NEW with STRAWBERRIES!" gimmick for awhile, it's getting kind of old.

These were my favorite cereals when I was a kid:

Please buy them and put them on your shelves so I can buy them from you.
And make sure they come with the free plastic dinosaurs inside.

Ahhhh...the plastic dinosaurs.
The source of many a fight between my younger brother and I as we consumed entire boxes in one sitting to see who would get to the prized toy first; the center of many a science fair diorama where one only needed a shoe box, some glue, and a few tufts of grass to accurately represent the Mesozoic era; and the inadvertent cause of death for an unsuspecting gold fish who leaped out of his bowl and into my father's empty shoe when said younger brother thrust a plastic dinosaur into their previously tranquil aquatic world.
But I digress....

I'm tired of bran, boring brown bits, and nuts and berries.
I want sugar.
Crunchy yellow lumps of corn, oats, and sugar that stay crunchy even when left sitting in the milk.
Dammit, I want Quisp.

Make it so.

A Cereal Connoisseur


I have a lot of writing to do.
The Children's Sunday service, 1 complete service and 3 sermons for pulpit fill-ins, a tribute piece for a scrapbook that my former church is putting together for their retiring minister (one of my dearest mentors), and pages and pages of self-analytical questions to answer in preparation for the 2-day psychological evaluation I have to endure before entering the UCC's "In Care" process.

So what am I doing to prep myself for this creative/inspirational onslaught?
I'm blogging about cereal.
Procrastination, thou ist thy middle name.


Kate Morningstar said...

I forgot about Quisp. Cap'n Crunch has lots and lots and lots of sugar, if that's what you need. And any cereal that has chocolate in it can't be all bad. If it doesn't have chocolate in it, you could sprinkle chocolate chips on top.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I remember the fish incident! Poor thing never had a chance. As for the procrastination, ever see the SpongeBob episode when he had to write the essay?

See Ya!
love suzy

MoCat said...

Sorry Kate, Cap'n Crunch just isn't the same (all though I do enjoy Peanut Butter Crunch).

Believe it or not, Amazon.com sells Quisp, 6 boxes for $24.00.
hmmmm...that would last me until June at least....