Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One year on....

Well, in my present preoccupied stupor I’ve gone and done it…I missed my own Blogoversary!
January 26, 2007 was the birth date of this mish-mosh of a blog, and while I haven’t been as attentive to it of late, I’m glad I’ve kept it going. In the past 12 months I’ve met a lot of great people, discovered a bunch of fantastic blogs, and managed to unwittingly provoke those who stand on the opposite side of the Christian fence simply by being who I am.
It’s been a fun year!

The traditional gift for a one-year anniversary is paper.
And I still have my fingers crossed that this paper gift will come in the form of an acceptance letter to the NY seminary, preferably with the words “scholarship” and “full-tuition” mixed in there somewhere.

It has now been over 2 months since I mailed my application, and one month since I emailed them to confirm that my application is considered ‘complete.’
Yet everyday the mail only brings more credit card bills and subscription offers for clergy magazines. How sad is it that the junk-mail marketing firms have acknowledged my career intentions while the seminary remains eerily silent.

So I continue to spend my days shelving books, planning Sunday School lessons, and trying to ignore the pangs of uncertainty that come when one is left in limbo, waiting to see which door is going to open next…..and trying not to get my sights too focused on one door, especially when there is a good possibility that it won’t open as far, or as soon, as I’d like.

In the meantime, I will celebrate my one-year blogoversary by foraging for paper in the kitchen….I’m pretty sure there are some chocolate bars in there with paper wrappers that fit the bill.

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eileen said...

YAY - Happy Blogiversary!!!!!

(That I have been too self-consumed, and I missed completely! Boo-hiss on me!)