Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well, our first ‘significant snow’ of the season never materialized.
The weather guys were yapping about us receiving up to foot of snow yesterday and we barely got enough to make shoveling worthwhile.
Of course all the schools chose not to open based on the forecast so my SO had a freebie day off while I had to trudge into work.
Surprisingly, the mall wasn’t as busy as I expected it to be with all the kids off from school and the roads clear. I guess everybody was home eating all the food they stocked up on the day before….. "oh my God, we may be trapped in our houses for a half a day before they plow, quick, let’s go buy a week’s worth of bread and milk!”

What a disappointment.
We even got a phone call from the town’s mayor telling us not to park on the street due the ‘Snow Emergency’....
He promised us 8 inches and we only got 2.
Typical man.

But what we got sure does look purty!

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